17 “Great British Bake Off” Tweets That Are Funny And Pure

17 “Great British Bake Off” Tweets That Are Funny And Pure

    17 “Great British Bake Off” Tweets That Are Funny And Pure

    Sometimes it’s your day, and sometimes it’s really not.

    Great British Bake Off

    Pastry Week had its many highs and lows, but overall, it was deliciously wonderful. Here are some of the purest and funniest tweets from the most recent Great British Bake Off episode:


    The Harry Potter spin off where Snape and Vernon Dursley go on a Caribbean holiday is gonna be great. #GBBO


    #gbbo is the only day of the week where me and my sister morph into expert bakers despite both of us religiously burning toast


    Peter when he gets positive feeback #GBBO


    No one: Prue’s necklace: #GBBO


    The Cornish Pastie. The white man’s samosa #gbbo


    Oh my god Linda couldn’t decorate her éclairs in time, so instead of putting on a topping she just dumped it in three bowls and made it A DIP. Iconic. #GBBO


    Linda’s cake next week #GBBO


    Linda after saying pastry week was her week #GBBO


    Linda is like the ‘fun’ Auntie who sneaks you a double Voddy in the pub when you’re 15. All my favourites are going, and I can’t cope. #GBBO


    Coming out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine 🎶 #GBBO


    Linda during pastry week #GBBO


    Can’t wait until I can go Paris and see Dave’s tart #GBBO


    There is no way there’s no hair in Lottie’s bake, come on. #gbbo


    I miss when the #GBBO challenges were “make a three tier cake” rather than “render your earliest childhood trauma in Choux”


    Me working out how Hermine didn’t get Star Baker despite a very well received Signature, 2nd in Technical and a well received Showstopper…? #GBBO


    hermine is a fuckin queen. she made her own style of pastry, she made macaroons with the tart and the cage- just nothing but respect for MY president #GBBO


    And finally, Mark about his own showstopper:

    Nailed it #gbbo

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