19 Tweets About Jake Tapper Because He’s Officially America’s Boyfriend

19 Tweets About Jake Tapper Because He’s Officially America’s Boyfriend

    19 Tweets About Jake Tapper Because He’s Officially America’s Boyfriend

    It’s “Jake Tapper cracking skulls and taking names” for me.

    election coverage

    This week has been quite the year with the ongoing election coverage , but the only thing getting America through it is Jake Tapper’s nonstop coverage on CNN and his saucy quips about the ongoing process:

    Jake Tapper on air as Trump says he will go to the Supreme Court over the election results


    So, here are the funniest and thirstiest tweets for America’s favorite face:


    if Jake Tapper isn’t named sexiest man alive this year we come for blood


    It’s the way Jake Tapper is just the gift that keeps on giving lmao Jesus Christ https://t.co/ic39TWS66a


    jake tapper is a hot dilf why lie


    Damn that was lowkey hot. Am I about to simp over Jake Tapper? https://t.co/uGBuEa51Gz


    Jake Tapper is hot in a “I want him to cheat on his wife with me” way


    been watching cnn for so long i’m slowly falling in love with jake tapper


    me carrying all my love for Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Jake Tapper.


    this is what i spent my time on while watching the news


    Can’t lie, Jake Tapper saying “he will be physically removed if necessary” made me horny – Mom, don’t reply to this


    I love no sleep no fucks to give Jake Tapper.


    **watches CNN for three days straight** googles chris cuomo and jake tapper


    No one pulls off this look better than @jaketapper 😁


    My kink now is a dying empire edging me into a sleep-deprived psychosis with hope while a disapproving Jake Tapper looks on.


    Jake Tapper starting to look sexier and sexier every time i watch the live https://t.co/WnW03GdB13


    POV you are drunk and staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror: you don’t want to fuck Jake Tapper. You don’t. You just think you do because you are associating him with the extreme emotional swings you are having. don’t fuck jake tapper


    me watching jake tapper on cnn


    maybe this is my internalized cuomophobia but jake tapper is the hottest cnn anchor by far


    THIS JUST IN: Jake Tapper owns this ass


    I would give Jake Tapper the sloppiest top RIGHT under that CNN desk. I love this man so much.

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