52-year-old Jennifer Lopez starred in pajamas and extreme heels

52-year-old Jennifer Lopez starred in pajamas and extreme heels

52-year-old singer and actress Jennifer Lopez posted a video in which she appeared in a pajama suit and high-heeled shoes. The pop icon shared the video with subscribers on social networks.

Jennifer Lopez posted a video from the takeoff area on her blog. In the frame, the 52-year-old pop icon appeared in a white lingerie-style suit with a bird print and high platform shoes with extreme heels.

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The look was completed with pink-rimmed sunglasses, a matching bag, and gold hoop earrings. “Journey,” J. Lo captioned the video.

In the comments, many admired the appearance of the star. “Impeccable,” “Great outfit,” “What a beautiful lady! You still look young”, “Attractive,” “Ben shows off his directing skills,” “Too perfect for this world,” wrote Internet users.

It was reported that Gigi Hadid published a photo of Zayn Malik after breaking up. Model Gigi Hadid posted a picture of ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik with her daughter Khaya on Instagram.

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This is reported by the Daily Mail. On Father’s Day, which was celebrated around the world on June 19, Gigi Hadid posted a photo on a social network with her dad, businessman Mohamed Hadid.

And then, she shared a rare picture of her one-year-old daughter with singer Zayn Malik. The model congratulated the ex-boyfriend on holiday.

At the end of last year, a scandal erupted in their family. The performer allegedly quarreled with Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid.

Some American media wrote that Malik hit the grandmother of his child, but the singer denied these allegations.

Gigi Hadid has decided to break up with her boyfriend after violence allegations. For the first time, their romance became known in 2015.

Previously, Kylie Jenner shared a photo of Travis Scott with the kids. Writes about this publication People.

The entrepreneur congratulated Travis Scott on Father’s Day: the model published a photo in which her partner is lying in bed and eating noodles, and their baby Wolf is lying on his chest. Their 4-year-old daughter, Stormy Webster, is napping next to the musician.