Abby Lee Miller Says She Can Walk ‘150 Feet’ Now After Another Surgery

Abby Lee Miller Says She Can Walk ‘150 Feet’ Now After Another Surgery

Abby Lee Miller has been through a lot, health wise, and she’s been pretty open about the journey! That being said, she now has another update about her recovery that is bound to make her fans very happy for her!

It’s been no less than 2 years since the celeb was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma and needed emergency spine surgery!

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At the time, she was still serving her sentence in prison but things were about to take an even worse turn for the Dance Moms star.

However, she’s proven what a fighter she is and nowadays, she is doing much better, especially after her latest surgery that is helping her with managing to walk again.

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During an interview for Extra, Abby Lee Miller shared that ‘I want to have more independence. I want to live my life. I want to just be able to jump in the shower anytime I want, anytime I feel like it. That’s a huge goal. People see me sitting in the chair, and I’m in makeup and hair and, ‘Oh, she’s doing great.’ They do not really see what goes on behind closed doors. It’s rough. Very rough.’

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While she’s now cancer free, being wheelchair-bound is also not ideal of course, and it comes with a lot of challenges!

As a result, Abby chose to get another surgery in order to walk again and it’s been successful!

According to her surgeon, Dr. Hooman Melamed, ‘Because she got all this chemo, her bone quality was not the best. I’m not going to lie; it was a very tough surgery to reconstruct, the nerve was extremely compressed, and you had to do a lot of lot of work, way more than you normally would.’

But, the 7 hours long surgery was worth it as, Dr. Christopher Boudakian, from the California Rehabilitation Institute, shared that ‘She’s really come a long way. It’s really a testament to her strength and her will to get back on her feet… She is now able to stand from the chair and walk, what did you do, about 100, 150 feet?’

‘150 feet today,’ Abby confirmed, happily.