Actress Emma Stone was able to deal a house in Malibu for $4.4 million in a week

Actress Emma Stone was able to deal a house in Malibu for $4.4 million in a week

Actress Emma Stone put up for sale a house on the coast of the ocean in Malibu and found a buyer in a week, which is very rare for large transactions. The Wall Street Journal writes about it.

Emma Stone bought the mansion in 2018 for $3.25 million. The one-story house occupies 167 square meters. m and includes three bedrooms. Most of the windows of the house face the Pacific Ocean.

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The plot around the house is 1.3 hectares.

The actress put the property up for sale in May and asked for $4.29 million. Several buyers immediately responded to this offer.

As a result, the deal amounted to $4.42 million, which is significantly more than the original one.

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The new owner got a renovated kitchen, a brick patio with a seating area, a living room with panoramic windows and a fireplace, a white tile bathroom, eucalyptus, and yucca trees on the territory, and much more.

The reasons for the sale of the house by Emma Stone were not named. In addition to the mansion in Malibu, she owns real estate in Los Angeles, New York, and Austin, Texas.

Earlier, It was reported that the American billionaire put up for sale a house in Florida for a record $175 million.

In the US state of Florida, real estate prices have updated their maximum. Billionaire Jim Clark has put his mansion up for sale. The New York Post writes about it.

The house of businessman Clark, located in the Palm Beach area, is on sale for a record $175 million for the state. According to media reports, the mansion has already found its buyer, whose name is kept secret.

The house covers an area of ​​5,871 sq. m and is located on 647 acres of land. The buyer’s property will also include 111 sq. m of the coastal zone, a guest house with seven bedrooms, a swimming pool, a golf course, and a pier.