Adele affronted an invitation to act at the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II

Adele affronted an invitation to act at the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II

Adele ‘s fans are well aware of what the singer’s life was like before her popularity: a modest girl who grew up in a small apartment above a discount furniture store in South London became a world-famous star overnight.

However, according to many Britons, the transformation from Cinderella to the princess did not benefit her.

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According to the Daily Mail, Adele refused to perform at the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II . According to tabloid insiders, the celebrity cited a busy schedule, despite the official lack of concerts in the near future.

“Her managers said she couldn’t do it. Scheduling problems or something like that was given as an excuse. This caused great surprise, especially since she was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

After all, how many more chances will she have to perform in front of the Queen and all of Buckingham Palace?” Anonymous said.

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Many subjects of Her Majesty were offended by this behavior of the singer. “Adele became a star,” “Elizabeth II had a maximum of a few years left to live, but she refused,” and “After she celebrated the concert, I was disappointed in her. But how could you refuse the Queen?

“It caused a lot of surprises, particularly as she was awarded an MBE (in 2013). After all, how many chances will there be to perform in front of Buckingham Palace for the Queen?” the source added.

The former One Direction star, 28, also turned down the opportunity to perform at the Platinum Jubilee concert.

The source revealed that there was no explanation given by Styles for rejecting the invitation, “he was asked. He could not attend due to his scheduled time.”

While Adele and Styles missed out on the opportunity to perform for a global audience, several pop superstars entertained the crowd.

The two-and-a-half-hour program featured artists Ed Sheeran, Sir Elton John, Sir Rod Stewart, Alicia Keys, Doran Doran, Diana Ross, and Sam Ryder.