After Getting Married In A Las Vegas Chapel, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Took A Flight To France

What could be more appropriate for a honeymoon getaway than a shared holiday in the most romantic city on earth? In the city of love, Paris, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are enjoying their new position as husband and wife.

The newlyweds stunned the dinner crowd at Le Matignon this Thursday. Just a few hours after arriving at Le Bourget Airport in a private plane, the couple got married.

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The most notable pair of recent months entered a building close to the charming Champs Elysees and selected a table on the outdoor patio.

The newlywed wife was dressed in a stunning red dress, and Lopez styled her golden hair in her signature disheveled way with strands framing her face. After spending around two hours in an upscale restaurant and dancing club, the couple took a car back to the hotel.

After learning of the long-awaited engagement, the couple ultimately got a marriage license from Clark County a few months later. The couple wed in a private ceremony in front of their nearest and dearest.

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Since Lopez stated that she and Affleck exchanged vows privately over the weekend, so the trip to France was their first vacation together.

According to Lopez’s “On The JLo” email from July 17, the Hollywood pair who rekindled their romance last year half a century after calling off their initial engagement “went flying to Las Vegas” and “waited in line for a marriage license.”

When she and the actor “presented one another the rings they’ll wear for the rest of their lives” at A Little White Chapel, Lopez informed followers she was wearing “a dress from an old movie.”

Ryan Wolfe, the officiant of the wedding, reportedly revealed to Page Six that Affleck “gasped” as his wife walked down the aisle. The couple even requested to exchange their own vows, he claimed.