After His Wife’s Passing, John Travolta Experienced An Encounter For The First Time

Kelly Preston, John Travolta‘s devoted wife and the mother of his children passed away from breast cancer two years ago, causing the actor’s family immense sorrow.

After his wife passed away, the actor went a long time without seeking attention. The white streak in his life, though, seemed to have finally been defined.

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Apparently, the actor got over his loss and grew close to Kirstie Alley, according to insiders at the Globe. According to rumors, Travolta’s pal Bruce Willis verified the couple’s romance. John and Kirsty had started to spend a lot of time together, he observed.

Since they both acted in the 1989 movie Who Would Tell, John and Kirsty have known one another for a very long time. Ellie claimed that she later fell in love with her estimate at that point. While John was dating someone, Kirsty was already married. Therefore she refrained from letting her emotions rule her. Nevertheless, she had to put in a lot of work.

Now that they are both adherents of Scientology, the pair have become closer as a result. Kirsty attends a church close to the actor’s house despite the fact that she is from Kansas and frequently goes to Florida.

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Ellie had two previous marriages. She has, however, been legally single for a very long time.

In a previous post, John Travolta, a well-known Hollywood actor, is a widower and 66 years old. Kelly Preston, an actress, passed away from breast cancer. On July 13, the actor discussed this.

Kelly battled cancer for two years, but she kept her condition a secret from the world. Fans were shocked by her passing away. Kelly was an actress and a model for clothing. She performed in movies including “Servants of the Devil,” “Run,” and “From Dusk Till Dawn.”