After Receiving Criticism For Using Ableist Language, Beyoncé Would Alter The Lyrics

Fans of Beyonce have been anticipating the release of her brand-new, full-length album for six years. Thus, everyone who wished to finally had the chance to hear Renaissance on July 39.

Having been listened to by more than 43 million people in just 24 hours, this song quickly overtook all other female artists as the most-streamed song on Spotify.

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In such a bad period for the world, making this record allowed me the chance to dream and find salvation. Making a secure environment was my aim. A place where there is no bias.

A place where you can put perfectionism, pointless ideas, and self-reflection to rest. The artist herself stated in an appeal to fans, “A place where you can scream, release yourself, and feel liberation.

It wasn’t without criticism, though, much like Beyoncé. The singer has been charged with ableism by several online users. This is a form of discrimination when persons without impairments are stigmatized since it is assumed that able-bodied people are normal and superior to them.

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The song’s chorus has Beyoncé singing, “Spazzin’ on that ass, spazz on that ass.” Although this verb can be translated in a number of ways, spasticity—involuntary movement or muscular spasms—is frequently linked to it.

Similar symptoms are experienced by those who have multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and other illnesses.

Beyoncé vowed to change the offensive verb after learning that it upset individuals with disabilities. The celebrity told Daily Mail reporters in an official statement, “This word was not meant to be used to harm.” She never did, though, apologize.

Disability rights activists have observed that, in comparison to the US, the UK has used the word more frequently as a disparaging epithet.

Disability-related experiences should not be used as material for song lyrics, according to Scope, a British organization that promotes equality for individuals with disabilities. Beyoncé was advised to take Lizzo’s lead.