Al Pacino believes Timothée Chalamet could supersede him in a possible ‘Fight’ sequel

Al Pacino believes Timothée Chalamet could supersede him in a possible ‘Fight’ sequel

Recently it became known that director Michael Mann undertook to write a sequel to the cult novel “Heat,” which was filmed in 1995.

The protagonist of the first film, Al Pacino , has already decided who he would like to see in the role of young lieutenant Vincent Hanna.

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On the occasion of the crime drama’s 25th anniversary at the Tribeca Festival, the film legend named Timothee Chalamat.

“I mean, he is a great actor. Great looks,” he said of 26-year-old Timothee, and his response was met with applause.

The 4K screening of the film took place at the celebration of the anniversary of “Heat,” and Pacino and Robert De Niro, who played Neil McCauley, also answered the audience’s most interesting questions in the company of the project’s producer Art Linson.

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During the conversation, Al remembered his work with the star of “Taxi Driver.”

“I often said to people who asked me about working with Robert: “You can do anything with him.” Whatever you do, he will hear you, react and support you.

It is a real luxury to be with such a person. Because whatever you do, he gets the point. He is always ready. It must be like tennis.

When playing in movies, you have to constantly hit the ball over the net, and it goes to another person. It’s all a smooth rhythm that you can catch if you listen,” the actor shared.

The continuation of “Fight” will be released on August 9, but there is no information yet about whether this book will be filmed.

There is no word yet on the film adaptation of the prequel novel, but the success of the first film means that there is a possibility of a sequel.

Mann has not directed a film since 2015’s Cyber, starring Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis, but has most recently directed a pilot for HBO Max’s TokyoPD.