Amber Heard speaks out about Johnny Depp’s exes

Amber Heard speaks out about Johnny Depp’s exes

The scandalous lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has attracted the attention of Internet users from all over the world.

And one of his brightest moments was the performance of the former lover of the actor Kate Moss. And she, of course, supported Johnny as well as his other ex-fiancees Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder.

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In a recent interview, Amber Heard shared her opinion on why none of these women dared to talk about the abuse, which, according to the actress, they all must have experienced.

“Look what happened to me when I tried to come forward and tell the truth,” said the actress. She believes that other women are simply afraid of the influence that Johnny has.

Also, during this interview, Heard reiterated her claims that she and Depp had an abusive relationship.

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The actress stressed that the judge did not accept the records of her attending physician, in which it is quite easy to find numerous confirmations of her words.

Interestingly, even now, Amber is not going to take back his words.

“If Mr. Depp or his legal team has questions or concerns, then he can personally sit with TV presenter Savannah Guthrie for an hour and answer all her questions,” Heard’s representative said in an interview with Daily Mail reporters.

In a previous post, Amber said, “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or what you want to decide about what happened in the privacy of my own home, in my marriage, behind closed doors. I don’t understand the average.

One has to know these things. And that’s why I don’t take it personally, “she said. “But even someone who believes I deserve all that hatred and enmity, even if you think I’m lying, you don’t look me in the eye.”

You can tell that you think this has happened on social media. Fair representation. You can’t tell me that you think it has been fair. “