Amber Heard’s First Interview Since Trial; Actress Says She Still Holds Love For Ex-Husband Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s First Interview Since Trial; Actress Says She Still Holds Love For Ex-Husband Johnny Depp

Amber Heard ‘s first official interview ever since her highly public trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp , is set to hit the tv screens and the previews so far are showing some interesting conversation. The interview will be conducted by Savannah Guthrie .

One new clip from the interview shows Amber talking about her current feelings regarding the Edward Scissorhands actor. Amber Heard says that she continues to have love in her heart for Ex-Husband despite all that the former couple have gone through, particularly in the past few months.

“I tried the best I could to make a deeply broken relationship work and I couldn’t. I have no bad feelings or ill will toward him at all,” Said the Aquaman actress.

Guthrie had an interesting question for Amber in response. Guthrie pointed out that the Washington post op-ed which started the whole ordeal between the two actors came around the time when the Me Too movement was in full swing and several men in position of power and influence were losing their jobs and suffering the consequences of their actions. Guthrie asked Amber whether she had hoped to see Depp among the list of men which faced the Me Too movement head on and whether she wanted Depp to suffer similar consequences.

Heard replied that she had no such intention and reiterated what she has been saying this whole time that the Washington Post Op-ed was not about Johnny Depp at all.

Guthrie’s full interview of Amber Heard will be hitting television screens soon and viewers cannot wait to hear Amber’s full and in depth opinion following the trial that went on for several weeks and resulted with Amber Heard losing to decision to Johnny Depp. Heard no owes Johnny Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million further in punitive damages. Meanwhile, Amber’s counter sue of Johnny Depp only granted her a measly $2 million.

The interview will be interesting, but what will be more interesting to see is whether this will be the only on-screen time Amber will be getting from now on with many doubting the possibility of Amber being cast by big studios following such controversy.