Amber Heard’s side commented on Johnny Depp’s first TikTok video

Amber Heard’s side commented on Johnny Depp’s first TikTok video

Amber Heard spoke out on Johnny Depp ‘s first TikTok video.

The party representing the interests of American actress Amber Heard commented on the first video of artist Johnny Depp on TikTok. It is reported by People magazine.

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Heard’s spokesperson said: “While Johnny Depp says he’s ‘forward’, women’s rights are receding. The court says to victims of domestic violence to be afraid to defend yourself and speak out.”

Johnny Depp created a TikTok account on June 7. The actor has already signed up 7.9 million people. Depp dedicated his first video to the fans who supported him during the trial with Amber Heard. An appeal to subscribers accompanied the publication.

“To my dear, most loyal and unwavering supporters. We were together everywhere; we saw everything together. Together we went one way, and we did everything right because you cared. And now we will all move forward together,” the actor wrote.

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Actor Johnny Depp has created a personal account on TikTok. 2.5 million users subscribed to the artist’s page in a short time.

Depp has not yet posted any videos on his official account. In the profile description, the actor left the signature Occasional Thespian (“Random Actor”). On April 17, 2020, Depp started a page on the social network Instagram.

He devoted his first posts to discussions about coronavirus and isolation. The actor admitted that the Instagram account was his first social media integration.

In a previous post, A jury found American actress Amber Heard guilty of slandering the actor and her ex-husband Johnny Depp for being a victim of domestic violence. Reuters reports it.

In addition, the jury concluded that there was malicious intent behind Hurd’s accusations against her ex-husband. As a result, the court ordered Heard to pay Depp $ 15 million in compensation.