An expert fears for the reputation of the British crown because of the actions of Prince Harry

An expert fears for the reputation of the British crown because of the actions of Prince Harry

Over the past two years, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have become real pariahs of the British royal family.

At the festival of the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen of the Dukes, almost all representatives of the royal family were shunned like lepers, and the public booed them after the Thanksgiving service in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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As a result, the Sussexes renounced the status of the main members of the British crown in January 2020. Then they left for California, where they wanted to build a new life from scratch.

However, the dukes did not want to stick to the previously planned plan and began to use their experience of staying in royal palaces in various projects and interviews.

During a frank conversation with Oprah Winfrey, Megan and Harry said that the British crown had become a golden cage for them.

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The couple complained that the representatives of the royal family refused to provide them with moral support.

Moreover, the Sussexes accused the royal family of racism and psychological abuse. Nevertheless, Meghan and Harry continued to cash in on the royal family by using their titles in various projects.

By the way, Frank’s memoirs should be published this fall, in which the duke promised to reveal all the skeletons in the cabinets of representatives of the royal family.

Even a few weeks before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, when it became known that Her Majesty had personally invited the Sussexes to the festivities, there were fears that the dukes could pull the blanket over themselves and steal the attention of the public from the monarch.

Fortunately, the visit of Meghan and Harry to the UK generally went pretty smoothly and even well. Particularly pleased is the fact that Her Majesty finally met with her great-granddaughter Lilibet.

However, during all this fuss, it was impossible not to notice how coldly the Sussexes were received in the Kingdom.