Andrew Cuomo ‘Appalled’ By The Chainsmokers’ ‘Illegal And Reckless’ Concert Amid The Pandemic!

Andrew Cuomo ‘Appalled’ By The Chainsmokers’ ‘Illegal And Reckless’ Concert Amid The Pandemic!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reacted to The Chainsmokers‘ concert again and he could not help but slam the stars for the ‘egregious social distancing violations’ he saw in clips from the show. In fact, he made it very clear that he was nothing short of ‘appalled’ over the ‘illegal and reckless’ drive-in concert that took place back in July.

In the meantime, it’s been confirmed that the concert promoter that organized it is now facing a $20,000 fine over the health orders violation.

Andrew Cuomo said in a new press release that ‘In the Know Experiences’ not only held a non-essential gathering amid the COVID-19 pandemic but even failed to make mask wearing obligatory.

The Governor’s statement reads: ‘The Chainsmokers concert promoter is charged today with violating an Executive Order and Section 16 of the Public Health Law. As I said immediately following reports of this event, it was an egregious violation of the critical public health measures we have had in place since the beginning of this pandemic to protect New Yorkers from COVID-19. We will continue to hold people and businesses accountable for their actions and the local governments must enforce the rules or else we will hold them accountable as well.’

The event known as the Safe and Sound Drive-In Concert Fundraiser was in fact promoted as a COVID-19 conscious one, the sponsor promising the concert goers a special area to park their cars.

In reality, footage from the show proves the social distancing orders were not respected in the slightest.

One clip that Andrew Cuomo also shared, showed a large crowd of people just below the DJ booth, gathered together.

‘Videos from a concert held in Southampton on Saturday show egregious social distancing violations. I am appalled. The Department of Health will conduct an investigation. We have no tolerance for the illegal and reckless endangerment of public health,’ Cuomo tweeted about the incident at the time.