Andrew Garfield named himself a fan of Zendaya

Andrew Garfield named himself a fan of Zendaya

Celebrities can not only have their own fans but also be among the fans of other celebrities themselves.

So, movie star Andrew Garfield recently admitted: that he has long considered himself a fan of Zendaya .

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And he immediately volunteered to interview her as part of the Variety and Apple TV + project Actors about Actors. The first personal meeting of two celebrities took place on the set of the film “spider-man no way home, in which, in addition to Andrew, two more superhero performers were filmed Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland.

The girl of the latter in the Marvel films is played by the singer Zendaya.

Garfield called his experience with her ” incredible, “emphasizing: ” I really enjoyed working with you and would definitely like to repeat this experience.

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Clearly, it’s time for Andrew Garfield to consider whether he’s ready to take on Euphoria, which he also called his favorite series due to Zendaya’s co-star. The Euphoria series has just been renewed for another season: HBO announced this in February 2022.

It is planned that fans of the TV project will be able to see the new series no earlier than 2023, so Garfield has enough time to manage to get a role in one of the most striking series of our time.

But it is not known whether he will be able to decide on this, given that he recognizes the work in such projects as incredibly difficult emotionally.

With another partner on the set of Spider-Man, Tom Holland, Zendaya had friendly relations for a long time, which later grew into a real romance.

Last summer, the paparazzi caught them kissing, but the lovers were in no hurry to give any comments to the press. For the first time, the singer and actor officially announced their relationship in November 2021, telling reporters that they had strong feelings.