Aphasia Patient Bruce Willis with his beautiful wife, appeared on the web

Aphasia Patient Bruce Willis with his beautiful wife, appeared on the web

67-year-old Bruce Willis and his 44-year-old wife Emma Heming are now going through a difficult period in their lives – the actor was diagnosed with aphasia.

This incurable disease that affects cognition is a form of dementia. In this regard, Bruce decided to end his acting career.

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Despite the terrible diagnosis of her beloved, Emma does not lose hope. The former model is trying with all her might to ease Bruce’s struggle with the disease and, together with professionals, is trying to help her husband.

Emma decided to celebrate her 44th birthday in the circle of her closest ones – her husband and daughters. The star shared a video on social networks in which Bruce touchingly kisses his wife. “Birthday morning kisses are truly the best,” Emma captioned.

Recall that the stars played a luxurious wedding in March 2009. In marriage, Emma gave birth to two girls. For her, these are the only children, and the actor has three more adult daughters from an alliance with Demi Moore.

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By the way, it was Emma who tried on Bruce with his ex-wife. Now a large family lives together, and all close relatives actively support Willis in his difficult health situation.

In a previous post, Bruce Willis, 67, is a global action star. “The Sixth Sense,” “The Fifth Element,” “Die Hard,” “Invulnerable,” and “RED” – more than one generation of moviegoers grew up on the films of the actor.

Not so long ago, rumors appeared on the Web that Bruce intends to take a break in his career due to developing dementia. Then many fans did not believe in this information.

However, on March 30, the actor’s family said that he really plans to refuse new roles. “To all of Bruce’s fans who supported him, we wanted to let you know that he was having health problems.

He was diagnosed with aphasia, which affects his cognitive abilities.