Ashley Graham shared candid photos with fans in a bright corset with a deep neckline

Ashley Graham shared candid photos with fans in a bright corset with a deep neckline

Six months after 34-year-old Ashley Graham gave birth to twin boys with her husband, Justin Ervin , who became parents for the second time earlier this year, the model posted a series of photos on her personal account in which she is dressed in a colorful Miaou corset.

Costing almost $300, with a plunging neckline, sheer mesh panels on the sides, and hook-and-eye closures going to the front.

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Her wavy hair is loose and falls to her shoulders, her face is lightly made up with small arrows and pink lipstick, and a trendy American manicure completes the look.

Ashley remained true to herself, and among the perfect photos in a slimming corset, there were a couple of shots that showed the star’s belly, decorated with stretch marks.

Thus, Graham once again reminded the followers that the body is constantly changing, and you need to love it the way it is. Moreover, stretch marks are an extra reminder that she has become a mother.

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Subscribers praised the way Ashley looks, flooding her with thousands of likes.

And one fan even admitted that she had recently given birth to a child, and her body had changed a lot, for which she was utterly unprepared.

And with these imperfect photos, Graham gave her self-confidence. Another added that the model inspires her to love her body, no matter what she ate today.

In a previous post, The classic version of the French manicure, with a white stripe at the tip of the nail and a soft pink base, was prevalent in the 1990s.

Then this fashion came to naught and began to be considered bad manners. Still, everything is cyclical, and now, during the return of retro trends, the jacket has also returned to the stage and is experiencing another round of fame.

More precisely, he changed somewhat and began to be called American manicure.