Barack Obama Jokes That Michelle Never Really Forgave Him For Running For President – It Was Against Her Wishes!

Barack Obama Jokes That Michelle Never Really Forgave Him For Running For President – It Was Against Her Wishes!

Many years after being elected for the highest position in state, Barack Obama reveals that his wife, Michelle Obama was not too keen on him running for president. Regardless, he went against her wishes and now says he ‘never got fully out of the dog house’ for it.

This and more, is what Barack revealed during a brand new interview on Stephen Colbert.

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He was on the talk show to promote his extensive memoir titled A Promised Land and at some point, he joked that the former First Lady is yet to forgive him.

He recalled thinking about running for president at the time and that ‘Her initial response was ‘No.’ What I said to her, ‘We still need to think through all the different elements of it and if at the end of that you still say no, then it’s a no.’ And she sort of changed her mind, kind of. But, what is absolutely true is — and I’ve never fully got out of the dog house for this — is that I put her and our kids through an extraordinarily stressful, difficult sequence in deciding to run for president, right after I had just gone through a tough race.’

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He went on to add that ‘Michelle stayed angry at me about it. It would flare up every so often, but she stayed mad about it through all eight years.’

Barack then joked that she finally forgave him but ‘this interview’ might bring him back to square one!

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As you might know if you have kept up with his book promotional interviews and talk show appearances, Barack Obama has been getting really honest about how his presidency affected his family life and marriage.

For instance, during a sit down with Vanity Fair, he dished that ‘A lot of the book is a story of our love and partnership, and sacrifices she made for the path I chose. And, needing to be honest about the fact that she really did not want me to be in politics, and how it hurt her in a lot of ways.’