Bebe Rexha Says Her Family Loves Her New Boyfriend

Bebe Rexha Says Her Family Loves Her New Boyfriend

People Magazine picked up on comments from Bebe Rexha this week in which she spoke to reporters from Entertainment Tonight about her new boyfriend and how much her family loves him. The 31-year-old singer-songwriter touched on her new man and how great things are going.

Bebe said to the outlet that she and her family “like this guy,” and they think he is a “very good one.” Rexha went on to explain how her new man understands who she is, is supportive of her career, and knows how to take care of her.

He’s just an “amazing person,” Bebe began, and he makes her incredibly happy. Reportedly, Bebe is currently dating Safyari and they’ve been hanging out a lot amid the coronavirus pandemic which took hold earlier this year.

The star claimed she wasn’t lonely at all amid the quarantine because she has a new man in her life and things have been going wonderfully between them. This past month, the Albanian-American was seen kissing her boyfriend in LA.

However, they were first seen hanging out together in March at the beginning of the quarantine lockdown. This marks the first time Rexha has dated in years, and she explained to reporters from Entertainment Tonight as to why she has kept it so private thus far.

Rexha joked with the reporters that the only way he was getting a “grid post” was if he put a ring on it. The star went on to admit that while she loves social media sometimes, she hates it on occasion for a number of reasons. Bebe loves to interact with her fans and followers, but sometimes the comments are just too mean.

Moreover, the star said she dived into her ex-boyfriend’s social media like the “crazy girlfriend” and saw a lot of things in there that she didn’t like about it. Rexha admits she feels frustrated when she sees her man talking to other women on social media.

She wondered to herself what qualities the other women have that she doesn’t. These days, Bebe is just getting off a new collaboration with the rapper, Doja Cat, called, “Baby, I’m Jealous.”