Bella Hadid proved that socks with sandals are still relevant

Bella Hadid proved that socks with sandals are still relevant

Recently, Bella Hadid has been pleasantly pleasing to fans, especially when it comes to her fashion outings.

Of course, we still can’t forget the model’s glamorous red carpet looks, whether it’s the dramatic 1959 Yves Saint Laurent vintage gown she wore to the Prince’s Trust Gala or the figure-hugging Tom Ford-Era Gucci Gown.

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But even outside of work, the model’s style deserves special attention, and in her latest reincarnation, she managed to recall the most unexpected and controversial trend.

Walking the streets of New York, 26-year-old Bella picked up a combination that delighted those around her.

The star opted for a vintage top and midi skirt with a geometric print, which she balanced with a white cotton shirt with voluminous sleeves, worn underneath, a cream Fendi handbag, pearl necklaces of different lengths, and oval-shaped micro-glasses.

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But the most striking and memorable element of Hadid’s outfit was her black strappy sandals that played in contrast with white socks. Despite their funny associations with tourists and leisurely grandparents, idiosyncratic accessories, if worn correctly, can show their true power.

We advise you to take a closer look at one of the most striking icons of the modern catwalk and create an image that evokes the proper sense of discord.

In a previous post, Bella Hadid never ceases to amaze fans with her bold and bright images with echoes of fashion history.

Yesterday she decided to remember one of the most brilliant periods in the life of the Gucci fashion house. If you watched the film of the same name with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in the title role, then remember how important the young Tom Ford played in the popularity of the brand.

The American designer not only breathed life into the family brand but also managed to produce the effect of a “bombshell.