Beyonce Made The Decision To Share The Complete Tracklist Of Her Upcoming Studio Album, ‘Renaissance’

The tracklist has 16 songs, some of which have intriguing and current titles, such as “America Has a Problem,” “Church Girl,” “Alien Superstar,” “Cuff It,” and others. The artist released it on social media last Wednesday. The album also includes the previously released song “BREAK MY SOUL.

I’m That Girl, Cozy, Alien superstar, Cuff It, Energy, Break My Soul, church girl, Plastic Off the Sofa, Virgo’s Groove, move, Heated, thique, All Up in Your Mind, America Has a Problem, Pure/Honey, Summer Renaissance.

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The stereo mixes for the album state: “In a terrible period for the world, making this album helped me to imagine and make my way out. I felt liberated and daring because of it. My goal was to establish a secure environment free from bias.

A place free of overthinking and perfectionism. A place where you can shout, let out and feel unbound. The journey was fantastic. I sincerely hope you enjoy this music. Inspiring you to let go and feel beautiful, strong, and seductive just the way you are is my hope for you.

One of the most popular vocalists of the modern era, Beyoncé, has won 28 Grammys, including 17 for solo performances.

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Earlier this month, the music streaming service Tidal, which Queen Bey’s husband, Jay-Z, helped establish in 2015, tweeted about the release of her new album.

In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar last year, the 28-time Grammy winner hinted that new music was on the way, stating, “I feel a renaissance developing,” which obviously provided a clue to the album’s title.

At the time, she told the magazine, “I think we are all eager to flee, explore, fall in love, and laugh again. With all the solitude and unfairness over the previous year.”

“I see a renaissance rising, and I want to help nurture that freedom in any way I can,” the speaker said.