Blac Chyna Drops New Music And Fans Are Impressed

Blac Chyna Drops New Music And Fans Are Impressed

Blac Chyna just dropped some new music and her fans and followers were impressed. Check out the video below.

A lot of fans hopped in the comments section and praised Chyna’s work like there’s no tomorrow, but the haters were there as well.

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Someone said: ‘I’d hate to be posted in this page, yall never got anything positive to say about folks,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘shoulda kept da too herself.’

One other follower said: ‘I mean she sounds like ALL THESE OTHER GIRLS that are OUT… she might as well join em and get her bag…’

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A commenter said: ‘Did this girl not become born again just the other day!!!!! Or must I mind my business,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘She is really determined that’s what’s up.’

A follower said this in the comments section: ‘We good with the real Nicki. We don’t need a fake one.’

It’s been just revealed that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian settled their case. Check out the latest reports below.

The Shade Room notes this: ‘#TSRUpdatez: According to @rollingstone senior reporter #NancyDillon, #BlacChyna and #RobertKardashian are all squared away! Just as the trial for their revenge porn case was set to begin, the formerly engaged couple has reportedly settled outside of court. No word on the conditions of the settlement.’

Rob Kardashian had some important data about Blac Chyna and he made sure to address it online. Check out the latest reports here.

‘It looks like Rob Kardashian is not trying to face Blac Chyna in court once again as the date for their revenge porn case quickly approaches. He claims to have struck a deal with Chyna, but now she is reportedly trying to back out, and Rob is asking a judge to have her hold up her end of their deal,’ The Shade Room said.