Blake Shelton Opens Up About Plans To Run For Office!

Blake Shelton Opens Up About Plans To Run For Office!

Blake Shelton already has a very successful career on The Voice as well as a country singer but it sounds like he might have some political ambitions as well! Here’s what he had to say about possibly running for office!

As you may know, the Battle Rounds of season 19 just started today and during a commercial break, Blake Shelton talked about current events.

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That is when he mentioned being open to a possible career change.

‘I’m gonna quit all TV and music and run for mayor of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Only reason I have not run for mayor yet is, I am afraid I would lose and it would be incredibly embarrassing. Maybe my mom would vote for me, that is one,’ he joked, making fellow coach John Legend laugh.

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Kane Brown, who joined the country crooner in the studio to work with his team gushed over joining the show and over Blake as well, making it very clear that he was a fan!

With that being said, he would probably get his vote if he ran for office as well!

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Shelton went on to tease the fellow country singer as they got ready to work with trio Worth the Wait and Taryn Papa, saying: ‘I can’t believe I have Kane Brown here with me. Literally, besides me, you are the hottest thing in country music.’

Brown clapped back by referencing Shelton’s extremely flattering title: ‘What’d you get, Sexiest Man of the Year or something like that?’

As for Blake, he previously raved about having his fiancée back on the show with him: ‘Having Gwen back is very comforting to all the coaches. We were all able to go back to the game we already knew. We know how to play each other at this thing. It felt like the old gang was back together again, and we are having a blast.’