Brad Pitt Unveils How He Visited Alcoholics Anonymous

Brad Pitt Unveils How He Visited Alcoholics Anonymous

Actor Brad Pitt told GQ magazine how he attended Alcoholics Anonymous in 2016.

The star of the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” got rid of a bad habit, after which he went to meetings for a year and a half. “I had a very cool male group here, very closed and selective, so it was safe,” the artist recalls.

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Pitt added that he was “ready to admit the attraction of his old vices.” He said that there are people who get away with addictions. However, it was pretty difficult for the actor to listen to others in meetings.

“I saw other people who were addicted when they poured out their soul, and it’s just terrible for me,” he shared.

The Oscar-winning superstar has previously revealed that he foresees the end of his career. However, Pitt will not immediately end his film career but says he is “out of breath.”

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But despite this feeling of loneliness, the actor said that he found friendship and connection with his decision to stay calm in 2016.

In a previous post, In four paragraphs of a new GQ article on Brad Pitt, the Oscar-winning superstar foresees the end of his career.

“I believe I am on my last legs,” the 58-year-old Hollywood star said.

“This last semester or trimester. What will be in this section? And how do I want to design it? The artist asks. Brad Pitt is not going to end his film career instantly.

Instead, he will appear on the screens in the blockbuster “Bullet Train” from David Leitch and Sony, which will be released in August.

Pitt plays a killer on a train from Tokyo to Kyoto who has returned to risky work after burnout.

He leads a cast that also includes Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Bad Bunny, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Logan Lerman, Brian Tyree Henry, Michael Shannon, Karen Fukuhara, and other notable artists.