Braunwyn Windham Burke Is Living With Her Husband Again

Braunwyn Windham Burke Is Living With Her Husband Again

Braunwyn Windham-Burke recently revealed that her husband of more than two decades has moved out of the house. In a post from Wednesday, she told followers that Sean is back at home.

The couple looked happy in a photo that was making it clear they were waiting on election results.

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‘On Wednesday’s we smash the Patriarchy!! Feeling hopeful this afternoon! Thank you @seanwindhamburke for being by my side these past few crazy months. We might be doing things our own way, but it’s working and it’s working well. So happy to have you back home.’

This comes after she told US Weekly that Sean was living separately but it was a decision that actually helped their union.

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‘He’s there all the time, but it’s best for everyone for us to be in different homes. That being said, he’s there all the time. He’s still around the kids as much as he was before. It’s just, he sleeps somewhere else at night. … The older kids, they’re fine with this because Rowan wants, you know, wants a little space right now, too. It’s important for her. So, she likes it. Bella is 20, she’s working three jobs right now to move out with her boyfriend. She’s ready to do her own life, but she’s happy that we’re happy, and Jacob’s like, ‘Whatever, like, I love you. You’re happy. Do you.’

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When the couple says that they’re redefining marriage — they definitely mean it. Braunwyn also revealed that she was seeing a special person that was not her husband although she didn’t go into any details about it.

The two have been together most of their lifetimes and have seven kids together. The RHOC star said previously that they fully plan to spend all their lives together raising both their kids and whatever grandkids they have.

It’s clear that having a non-traditional marriage is working for them regardless of what critics have to say.

What do you think about this special couple’s way of approaching things?