Britney Spears Praised For Beautiful Photos As She Twirls A Rose To Skylar Grey

Britney Spears Praised For Beautiful Photos As She Twirls A Rose To Skylar Grey

Britney Spears is being praised for looking gorgeous in new photos that she shared on her official Instagram account. The pictures come as Britney is desperately fighting to regain some control over her life after she lost it due to a mental breakdown in 2008. Fans have rallied around Britney through the #FreeBritney movement and even Cher tweeted about Britney’s conservatorship. Many want to know if Britney is truly incapable of making decisions over her life, how was she able to hold a Las Vegas residency for multiple years.

Britney shared a video where she told her fans that she was the happiest she’s ever been and followed it with a series of three photos. Britney doesn’t photoshop her pictures and many times she’s blasted for having messy hair or eyeliner that doesn’t look perfect. While some try to suggest her appearance is the result of a breakdown, Britney has fired back multiple times by saying her appearance is because her photos are real and unedited.

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If she applies a light filter to a photo, she always includes the original.

As Britney’s court case heats up and fans pray that the 38-year-old is heard and both her wants and needs are heard and addressed legally, fans are saying that they think Britney looks better than some of her other photos.

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It’s also been reported that Britney would love to make things with her boyfriend of four years Sam Asghari more permanent, but doesn’t even have control to develop the couple’s relationship the way she wants.

Britney does not address the issues of her private life in depth and many in the #FreeBritney movement believe that she is being controlled by her father to the extent that he montiors what she is allowed to express on social media.

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Thus, many look to her photos and videos for messages beneath the surface and more than a few are convinced Britney is sending them an S.O.S. through repeated pictures, hairstyles, and finger movements.

Fans say Britney has never looked better Source: Britney Spears Instagram

Are you following the latest in Britney Spears’ conservatorship? Do you support the #FreeBritney movement?

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