BTS Announces Brief Break To Go Solo; J. Hope And Suga Projects In The Work

BTS Announces Brief Break To Go Solo; J. Hope And Suga Projects In The Work

It has been roughly a decade since the South-Korean sensation BTS were first discovered and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the band has since then pretty much taken over the globe. With one of the most hardcore fan followings in the world, the band has seen success comparable to some of the greatest artists in history. The band’s influence is undeniable.

But right when it seems like that the band is at the peak of its popularity, the 7 members have come to the mutually agreed upon decision of taking a break from BTS and focusing on their solo careers for a bit.

The news came as the band celebrated their 9 year anniversary on their annual Festa dinner. Band member J. Hope announced that they need some time apart in order to eventually learn how to be a single unit once more.

Another band member, RM said that the band had lost their sense of direction and this break was much needed to give them some time to think.

The group assured that this decision was difficult for them to make as it is for the fans to accept but it is the best course of action for the band at the moment.

This isn’t the first time that the band has taken a hiatus though, BTS went on short breaks in 2019 and 2021 as well.

The band announced that solo projects from J. Hope and Suga were already in the works. There was no announcement regarding when the projects would be dropping but it can be expected that those songs along with solos from other band members will be the BTS content that fans will have to adjust to for a while.

Whether or not the band will come back together remains a bit of a question but there has been no announcement from the band regarding this hiatus being permanent.

BTS began their career in 2010 and sky rocketed to world-wide fame when their first album dropped in 2013. Fans around the world hope sincerely that the band find success as individuals and eventually find it in themselves to reunite once more.