Busta Rhymes Says His Oldest Son Convinced Him To Lose Weight – He Thought The Rapper Was Going To Die

Busta Rhymes Says His Oldest Son Convinced Him To Lose Weight – He Thought The Rapper Was Going To Die

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an interview with Ebro Darden this week in which Busta Rhymes touched on his new record, and also explained what led him to a drastic body transformation that took many by surprise. Today, Busta was on Beats 1 Radio where he explained why and how he changed his life, specifically, his weight loss.

According to the iconic speed-rapper, Rhymes’ oldest son was the first to come forward and warn him about potentially losing his life, albeit, indirectly. Busta says his oldest told his security team that the last thing he wanted to see was his father die prematurely because of bad health.

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Busta claimed he “likes to drink,” “smoke weed,” have a “cigarette,” and he loves going out and socializing with people. Busta said, however, that it wasn’t good for him and he had to stop otherwise he was going to die.

According to the legendary MC, he actually finished his album last year in January but at the time, he was 340 pounds. His son was too “scared” to tell him that he didn’t like the way he sounded when he went to sleep after a night of “drinking and partying.”

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The young man, Busta explained, had a conversation with his security and said that he didn’t want to see his father die on his watch. His son said to his team, “Yo, I think my father going to die.” The rapper went on to say that his son’s fears sent him to a “bad place.”

All of the celebrating he had just done the previous night had suddenly “gone out the f*cking window,” the rapper remarked. In case you missed it, Busta Rhymes uploaded a post on his Instagram in which he sported off a six-pack. It was all the rage online, with even 50 Cent chiming in on it.

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As for what Busta intends on doing next, the rapper was asked who he would like to rap against in the Verzuz arena. He revealed Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, and Eminem were his top picks.