Cardi B Drops An Important Message For Haters

Cardi B Drops An Important Message For Haters

Cardi B is dropping an important message for her haters and people who love her are here for it. Check out the message below.

Here’s what she shared on her Twitter account:

Someone said: ‘It is ridiculous that people do drag Cardi somehow into every discussion, but I was like ohhhh when I heard you say retarded, like the Black Eyed Peas changed a whole song in the early 2000’s because it is a derogatory term towards disabled and mentally disabled people.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Did they change it? I know they dropped a radio edit that was severely different, in many ways. You can still get the original track tho. Lizzo erased the original ‘Grrrls’ from the internet.’

One other follower posted this message: ‘Yeah a year after it debuted they quietly changed it, and replaced it on/for the album. You can’t find that version on Spotify even. There was backlash from the disabled community about it, it probably wasn’t as big as something like this bc it was pre-social media.’

The Rap diva had a holiday: her youngest child, Wave , is nine months old.

Not too long ago, Cardi B , 29, shared a funny snap of her son with her social media audience. In the photo, the child posed, enthusiastically playing with a massive diamond necklace, and attentive subscribers noticed a small diamond earring in Wave’s ear.

A series of photos of the baby Cardi was accompanied by a sweet caption: “My baby is growing too fast!” Fascinated by the touching frame, the fans began to congratulate the celebrity in the comments.