Carrie Underwood And Reba McEntire Are Working On A Secret Project And Fans Are Thrilled — Is It The CMA Awards?

Carrie Underwood And Reba McEntire Are Working On A Secret Project And Fans Are Thrilled — Is It The CMA Awards?

Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire are working on a secret project and fans are thrilled. At this point, there is no word on what they are working on but there is a good chance it is for the upcoming County Music Association Awards (CMA Awards). The CMA Awards will air on November 11, 2020, on the ABC network and Reba McEntire is hosting. John Carter Cash shared a photo of the two in a room together and fans can’t help but contain their excitement.

Cash didn’t write anything i nthe caption that would indicate what the two powerhouse singers were up to. He simply tagged them in the photo. However; directly under his Instgram post was a comment by John Jackson who wrote; ‘I love a good #secretproject’ and included the tumbs up emoji.

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That alone might not be enough to convince fans that a secret project or a collaboration was under way, but John responded by saying that Jackson was the only person who knew. Talk about a tease!

Now fans are curious as to what the two women are doing and many have their fingers crossed hoping there will be a duet at the CMA Awardss.

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There is one hashtag that John Carter Cash included that has some fans suspecting they duo may be recording rather than performing live at the CMA Awards. John included the tag @cash_cabin that is the Instagram account for his recording studio. At this point, fans will have to wait until the 11th to see if the “surprise” is a surprise, live performance.

You may see the photo that John Carter Cash posted of Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire working on their secret project below.

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Source: John Carter Cash/Instagram

Carrie Underwood was seated on the sofa and wore blue leggings with a white shirt. Reba could be seen wearing an Aquamarine color sweater and a face mask. In a second photo, Reba sat solo and fixed her gaze on something across the room.

Source: John Carter Cash/Instagram

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