Celine Dion Shares Old Picture And Fans Can’t Believe How Different She Looks

Celine Dion Shares Old Picture And Fans Can’t Believe How Different She Looks

Celine Dion took to Instagram to pay tribute to her late father whom she has always remembered in fond words. Fans loved the heartfelt throwback but it was really the fact that Celine looked almost unrecognizable in the old photo that took the internet by storm.

The photo was posted as a sort of celebration of Celine’s legendary music and its vinyl collection with the caption underneath it reading, “Today on #VinylRecordDay we’re throwing it back to Céline’s first French and English vinyls! Which Celine vinyls are in your collection? – Team Celine,”

The picture showed Celine’s dad wearing a big grin and holding a vinyl record of Celine. It also showed Celine but the one people know and love right now. The young picture of Celine was almost completely unrecognizable and had fans scratching their heads at how much the legendary singer has changed over the years.

Celine’s dad passed away in 2003 but over the years Celine has maintained that her dad and all of his teachings and values that he gave to her were instrumental to her success.

This isn’t the first time that Celine’s social media has shared a tribute to her late father. In the past, Celine has remembered her dad on social media in the following words, “Papa, I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have had a dad like you. You will always be my #1 fan. I love you!” This caption was accompanied by a black and white picture of Celine with her father.

Celine is a mother to 3 children herself, all of them are boys. The singer shared the children with her late husband Renee Angélil who passed away from cancer. Celine is the mother of twins Nelson and Eddy, both of whom are 11 years old, while her third child, René-Charles is all grown up at 21 years old.

Speaking about motherhood, Celine said “I think we are very blessed to have the opportunity and a blessing to be a mother. I think when you have a child, it’s like there’s another heart that grows inside of you. You have this like second heart.”