Chambers Is The Netflix Series Twin Peaks’ Fans Need To Watch Even Though It’s Canceled— A Surrealistic Supernatural Cult Classic

Chambers Is The Netflix Series Twin Peaks’ Fans Need To Watch Even Though It’s Canceled— A Surrealistic Supernatural Cult Classic

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Despite what the critics said and the fact that Netflix canceled Chambers after one season, the series remains one that all Twin Peaks‘ fans should watch. The surrealistic supernatural thriller seemed to move too slowly for some and its plotline a bit confusing. Many were left without any real idea of what was happening until the end of the series and that proved to be too long for the wait.

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The series is still on Netflix and surprisingly, its IMDB rating has increased since its cancellation.

Much of the series takes place in dream sequences as the main character, Sasha Yazzie, played by Sivan Alyra Rose, deals with the surprising aftermath of a heart transplant.

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A young teenaged girl, Sasha is 17-years-old when she suddenly succumbs to a heart attack. She receives the heart of fellow teenager Becky Lefevre, played by Lilliya Scarlett Reid, who died in a mysterious accident where a radio fell in the tub while she was taking a shower.

There are many subplots that run through the series as each character tries to piece together what truly happened to Becky. Meanwhile, Sasha is haunted by Becky’s memories and is slowly driven to insanity due to Becky’s heart. Sasha slowly becomes Becky and Becky’s grieving family can see it.

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Uma Thurman played Becky Lefevre’s mother, Nancy Lefevre, and Tony Goldwyn played Becky’s father, Ben Lefevre. Nicholas Galitzine (Handsome Devil) played Becky’s brother Elliot Lefevre. While Sasha devolves into madness, another story is being told — The Lefevre’s are members of a New Age Cult called The Annex.

Through Becky’s memories that Sasha receives through surrealistic dream sequences, she begins to piece together what actually happened to the pretty blonde rich girl. She didn’t die in a tragic accident — she was raped and subjected to a satanic, cult ritual where the demon goddess Lilith was allowed to enter her body.

When Sasha received Becky’s heart, not only did she receive pieces of Becky, but she received Lilith as well. Becky committed suicide in order to stop the evil, but it didn’t work. The cult was on the scene, to ensure that events were “divinely ordained” to get Lilith into another vessel — whether they consciously chose it or not.

Sasha, who was unaware of Lilith, believed that Becky was the “evil” inside of her and ultimately, went deep into her mind and was able to kill her off. Meanwhile, and unintentionally, when she did so, she gave Lilith full reign.

The series ended with Sasha embodying Lilith with the power to not only heal, but to kill and destroy.

Unfortunately, none of this was revealed until the final episode and by then, critics had lambasted the series enough that Netflix was no longer interested.

There were moments when Chambers brought bits of True Blood to the screen and it seemed as if Chambers season 2 could have submerged itself fully into a supernatural series with medicine men, demon goddesses, and satanic cults, but it wasn’t to be.

You may see the trailer for Chambers below.

The parallels between Chambers and Twin Peaks are plentiful and Twin Peaks’ fans may be the target audience Netflix should have promoted the series to. Maybe simply advertising Chambers as “the best surrealistic drama since Twin Peaks” would have been enough to catch and hold attention for its 10 episodes — maybe not. That’s a huge order to fill. But the show was not without its fans and the series ended in a manner that left them wanting more.

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