Christie Brinkley Looks Stunning In A Bikini And Claims Appreciation Keeps Her Young

There are no longer any supermodels, and Christie Brinkley , 68, who is still in fantastic shape and still models for glossy magazines and sports magazines, is a prime illustration of this. Christie was just featured on the cover of Social Life magazine.

Naturally, Brinkley posed in a swimsuit to highlight her flawless body. The model also openly discussed how she stays youthful and happy.

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She begins each day by expressing appreciation by listing everything that makes her truly happy in a tiny notebook. Her three adult children, Alexa Rae Joel, Jack Paris, and Sailor Brinkley Cook, are first on the list.

In addition, Christie acknowledged that she is pleased with her line of sugar-free carbonated wines, which is one of the factors contributing to her continued stunning appearance.

Finally, Brinkley ends by expressing thankfulness for her health, which never fails, and body, which reacts promptly to exercise (which she almost always does).

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Since many of them are formulaic and overused, Brinkley acknowledged that it might get tedious to write out gratitudes by hand. Instead, she strives to add something new every time to fight her tendency to be lazy, which makes her happy since it reminds her of how great and whole life is every day.

Additionally, the model offered parenting advice that she frequently tells her kids: “To be in good physical shape, you need to be happy.

Finding individuals you can completely trust, who won’t betray you, and who will be there for you through your highs and lows is necessary.

Only then can you unwind, laugh wholeheartedly, and take in everything that is going on around you. Families are those individuals, and they are what matter most in life.

She has already shown off her beachwear to fans, including in a tiny bikini in June while on vacation in Turks and Caicos. Her debut in the magazine is not the first time she has done so recently.