Conan Gray Shared His “Folklore” Top 3 And All I Can Say Is “Taste”

Conan Gray Shared His “Folklore” Top 3 And All I Can Say Is “Taste”

    Conan Gray Shared His “Folklore” Top 3 And All I Can Say Is “Taste”


    By now you know singer-songwriter Conan Gray. Whether you love his TikTok hit “Heather,” or one of his sad boi bops, he’s been on your TL or your Spotify playlist.


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    Well, we got to hang out with Conan via Zoom, where he answered the same polls we had fans answer a few days before in a game of “Hot Takes.”

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    One of the polls was “Which Taylor Swift song should Conan cover?”


    Conan responded, “All Too Well.” Yep, some of Taylor’s best lyrics ever. Period.


    I then asked him if he had been loving Taylor Swift’s album Folklore and if so, what his top three on the masterpiece were.


    Obviously, he said he loved it and revealed his top three:

    Conan said, "I'm gonna have to go with 'The 1,' 'Invisible String,' — I wanna cry thinking about them — and then I really think 'Cardigan' is just a beautiful song."


    “I love, love, love ‘Mirrorball’ and ‘Seven,’ but I go back to ‘Cardigan’ a lot. I love all the references she makes to her own career. I love just the way that song feels. There is this thing when you’re young, you get underestimated,” he said. “But, ‘Invisible String’ is definitely my most played.”

    Conan Gray talking about Taylor Swift's album "Folklore"


    Taste. YUP. I mean, as if there could ever be a wrong answer, but still, we love an appreciation for “The 1” and underrated anthem, Miss ‘Invisible String.’

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    Kid Krow

    Anyway, if you stan Conan, Taylor, or have taste yourself, be sure to watch the full video here — oh, and stream Kid Krow on all streaming platforms now!

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