Cynthia Bailey Reveals How Her Wedding Was COVID-19 Free

Even though COVID-19 led to the temporary closure of the Real Housewives of Atlanta set, Cynthia Bailey and her husband managed to avoid any problems at their wedding. The 53-year-old reality star spoke with reporters from Page Six this week and claimed that she and her man, Mike Hill, took every precautionary measure to ensure their guests’ safety.

In case you missed it, Hill and Bailey married on the 10th of October. While promoting her partnership with McDonald’s McCafe, Bailey explained how the virus impacted their wedding in a big way, but not so much for the coronavirus itself.

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Bailey claimed she and Mike did whatever they had to do to ensure their guests didn’t catch the virus. The star said she wasn’t “agonizing” over what kind of cake to get, how it looked, or how the food tasted. She was more concerned about following COVID-19 regulations.

Bailey claims she immediately began asking what company was going to come to “spray and disinfect the place” on their big day. Page Six says guests at her wedding had to undergo temperature checks and were forced to wash their hands before getting in.

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Moreover, face shields, masks, and hand sanitizer were made readily available for everyone there. The star explained how she and Mike had hired people to go around the event encouraging guests to put their masks on or to wash their hands.

Mike and Cynthia had a lot of hurdles to get through, and not just related to the virus. For instance, Cynthia explained how she and her husband wanted to have their wedding inside, but Hurricane Delta interfered with their dates.

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The star said they had considered rescheduling the wedding but ultimately decided to go through it because of her mother’s ailing health. She claimed “tomorrow” was not promised.

As for the results of their efforts. Cynthia says they must’ve done a good job because no one has called since then to say they had caught the coronavirus at her wedding. As it was previously reported, Page Six and other outlets confirmed Real Housewives of Atlanta had been shut down for 14 days because of COVID-19.