Dakota Johnson tried on a jacket dress with an unusual back

Dakota Johnson tried on a jacket dress with an unusual back

Dakota Johnson can be safely called the most tender fan of the Gucci fashion house. The Italian brand has firmly established itself in her wardrobe, whether it be secular exits on the red carpet or even the outfits of her on-screen heroines.

But sometimes, the star of a series of films with peppercorns still prefers other brands. So, for the Tribeca film festival, on the occasion of the screening of the film “In the Rhythm of Cha-Cha-Cha,” she chose an elegant look from the New York brand Area.

At first glance, it may seem that this is just a laconic snow-white dress jacket with a cream shade. An unobtrusive mini bared the slender legs of the Hollywood actress, and shining sandals with a pointed toe became an accent detail of the image.

However, the main surprise was behind us. We were talking about a frank cutout on the back, decorated with an iridescent “spine.

“Spectacular and, at the same time, sophisticated detail emphasized the fragile appearance of the actress. Later that day, at the premiere of his film Chacha Real Smith’s Tribeca Film Festival, the actor chose another sexy number.

This time, however, no trousers were needed, as Johnson wore a white single-breasted blazer detailing the open back chain mail from the New York-based label area.

To put an end to all this, he threw on the transparent pumps and took a black Jackie 1961 gypsy bag. Dakota Johnson’s style playbook is as wonderful as it gets.

From her unique Gothic twist on the red carpet dress at the Black St. Laurent Sequence at this year’s Vanity Fair Oscars party to her glittering feathery pink Gucci gown, the actor’s wardrobe is full of unique statement pieces.

But Johnson also likes a nice suit. In the same black dress made of natural satin, the star of the 2000s already shone beauty Paris Hilton. Now we can only guess: what looks better, black or white?