Despite Being A Rather Chill Person, Brad Pitt Acknowledges That He Sometimes Loses His Temper

Brad Pitt is one of those famous people who hardly ever gives interviews or makes an unannounced public appearance. Fans have taken a keen interest in the actor’s promotional tour for the movie Faster Than a Bullet, in which he played one of the principal parts.

First of all, enjoying a celebrity on the red carpet is always fun, especially if he is dressed in a skirt. Second, Brad is delighted to discuss himself in an interview along with his heroes.

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Pitt, therefore, put a stop to the accusations about his haughtiness following one of the conversations with reporters. In truth, he added, he simply forgets people’s faces frequently and is perplexed as to why they act as though they have known one other for a very long time.

The actor revealed in a recent interview with Australia’s Sunrise program that he isn’t all that different from his on-screen character, Ladybug. Naturally, Pitt’s protagonist is a hired killer.

However, as Brad pointed out, their personalities are remarkably similar in general. So even though he makes a lot of effort to maintain his composure, the actor claims that he also easily loses his temper.

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He works very hard to appear distant and calm. But he is unable to stray from his course. And I find it funny. I can be fairly laid-back, but I can also snap at the wrong moment and ruin things, Pitt admitted. He adds that one of the factors that led him to accept the project’s invitation was the opportunity to mock this quality.

After an argument on a private aircraft from France to Los Angeles in which she accused Pitt of acting abusively toward his son Maddox, who was 15 at the time, Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, claiming “the wellbeing of the family.”

Despite the FBI and social services conducting investigations, Brad was not charged in connection with the incident.