DeWanda Wise Talks About How Happy She Is With Progression of Career and Married Life

DeWanda Wise Talks About How Happy She Is With Progression of Career and Married Life

Everybody wishes that different parts of their life align and progress together to bring sense of completion to them. Everybody wishes that the future they have always envisioned and worked hard for unfolds right in front of their eyes. For one, DeWanda Wise, these things have been happening and the actress has expressed that she couldn’t be happier with how things are turning out for her.

The star of the latest Jurassic World movie, the final instalment of the franchise, has spoken out about her career and married life and says that both have grown together over the years.

Wise married fellow actor and co-star in the Jurassic World movie, Alano Miller back in 2009. When reflecting on her relationship to the actor, DeWanda talked about how many people have dreams when they come together something that they say, “Oh I can’t wait for,” about and they did as well. DeWanda and Alano have both since landed several major projects in film and television and have grown in their career slowly but surely toward mainstream success and are now appearing in high budget mainstream films such as Jurassic World.

“So it’s just really satisfying. To be in a relationship that’s evolved and grown in tandem. With our lives, our careers, our friends, and our families,” said the Jurassic World star.

DeWanda was prompted to tell the world exactly what advice she would give to her younger self who had just married Alano and the actress replied that she like many people thought everything has to be perfect before she jumped into the marriage but she said that she would tell her younger self to have some faith.

The Jurassic World movie began production in February 2020 but had to halt due to COVID-19 in March. Wise along with her husband and several other co-stars had to quarantine for a significant period of time before the filming could resume and now finally, after a 2 year wait, the movie is ready to hit the theatres.

Fans around the world are wishing Wise and her family the best of luck for this and future projects and are loving their wholesome story.