Diane Keaton’s Daughter And Her Boyfriend Are Engaged!

Diane Keaton’s Daughter And Her Boyfriend Are Engaged!

Congratulations are in order after Diane Keaton‘s daughter Dexter Keaton took to social media to announce that she and her boyfriend, Jordan White are now engaged! The man popped the big question only a bit over a year after they started dating and the proposal was caught on camera!

The 25 year old Dexter was super happy to share the news and snaps with her Instagram followers.

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Apparently, Jordan got on one knee while at Saarloos and Sons vineyard in California.

The newly engaged woman wrote that ‘This morning started with hail and ended with a diamond! I can’t believe I’m engaged! 💍❤️ #engaged #wine #fiance #omg.’

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After the post went live, Dexter’s younger brother, Duke, 20, was quick to send his well wishes along with a pic of her and Jordan’s engagement.

Of course, many other friends, as well as fans, were quick to congratulate the happy couple on making this big step in their relationship.

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Jordan also wrote on his own platform that: ‘She said ‘oh my god’ a lot, and then eventually said ‘yes!’ Even though it was raining (and also hailing), we did a thing! Thanks so much @saarloosandsons for reserving the back for us for our special moment, and thanks so much to @breanne_fit and @cruzzzy for coming and helping us capture the moment! And of course, @gemcityjewelers for helping me design and create the ring! I love you, Dexter!’


As mentioned before, their engagement only comes a few months after the pair celebrated a year together, back in June.


At the time, they enjoyed a nice dinner made by Jordan, marking their first anniversary.

‘Tuesday was Jordan and my one year anniversary. He made Loco Moco with his own spin on it. Thank you for a delicious meal and an amazing night in. Happy (late) anniversary! 😘😍🍷✨❤️,’ Dexter shared about it.