Diddy Launches ‘Our Black’ Political Party

Diddy Launches ‘Our Black’ Political Party

It’s been just revealed that Diddy endorsed the Democratic nominee Joe Boden for president while announcing his new ‘Our Black Party.’ He shared a lengthy Twitter thread and said that black people must banish Trump out of office.

He continued and said:

Also, you should check out this video on YouTube:

A commenter said: ‘Diddy, sweet Charlemagne, and the democrats make trump look like a great president with their weirdness, lies, and insincerity. What’s worse, a few borderline indirect racist quotes while in office, or being on record making direct racist quotes & pushing racist policies while in office (for over 47 years)???’

Someone else posted this: ‘Who really takes this diddy character seriously? On the one hand, he’s a soulless sellout who would literally say and do anything for a dollar; while, on the other, he’s rich and will not suffer from any of the consequences resulting from a civil/racial war (least of all, actually participate in any armed conflict).’

A commenter said: ‘I wonder how many times he has voted? How many times does he lobby for his agenda. We act like the presidents can make the changes we want. Don’t just vote every 4 years. Senator and Congressman elections matter. That is how you move your agenda.’

What do you think about Diddy’s latest move?