Does Kanye West Think Kim Kardashian Stinks Like Fake Spray Tan?

Does Kanye West Think Kim Kardashian Stinks Like Fake Spray Tan?

Does Kanye West think Kim Kardashian stinks like fake spray tan? This is what the UK publication Heat is reporting in their November 10, 2020, issue. The publication quoted a source who says to have inside information on the couple and claims that Kanye West finds Kim’s fake tans unnecessary and smelly. Needless to say, Kim Kardashian isn’t relying on cheap, drugstore self-tanners. An insult against the smell of her spray tan is also a rebuke against the professionals who are applying it and the products she uses.

Because Kim Kardashian uses Isabel Alysa as her spray tan artist, many people are discrediting the report as false. Still, there are others who believe that it is true and others have taken their criticisms one step further.

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Kim Kardashian (and some of her siblings) are frequently accused of blackfishing or pretengind to lok and act as if they are black when they are not. Part of these accusations focus around their love for self-tanning and always appearing darker-skinned than they really are.

Heat quoted the source as saying the following.

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She has a full body spray most days and really goes for it if therye’s a social eent, but there’s no getting away from the smell once it’s done. Kanye can’t stand it and everyone, including the kids, finds it a bit icky.

The source then went on to address Kim’s vanity following her spray tan. the source continued.

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She loves the sexy glow and can stare at herself in the mirror for ages after each treatment. It’s very much part of her daily routine, and the moment it starts to wear off, she’ll schedule another without delay. It doesn’t even bother her that her bedsheets are covered with stains. And then there’s the smell, which she’s totally immune to and actually says she likes. Even Kanye can’t deny Kim’s in the best shape of her life and has never looked more appealing, but he just can’t stand the smell.

What do you think about Heat’s report? Do you find it ridiculous? Do you believe it? Do you think Kim Kardashian is using self-tanners that smell bad?

Tan artist Isabel Alysa recently shared a photo of Kim Kardashian with her spray tan on. Isabel pointed out that Kim used Dolce Glow to achieve the look.

Isabel shared this photo and caption about Kim Kardashian’s spray tan.

Still not over this tan on KKW! @kimkardashian using @dolce_glow pc @pierresnaps

Isabel also spoke to E! News in a lengthy interview where she gave plenty of tips on getting the perfect spray tan.

What do you think? Even if Kim’s self tan smells do you think it’s worth it?

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