Doja Cat Proves With This Video That Critics Cannot Ignore Her Indefinitely

Doja Cat Proves With This Video That Critics Cannot Ignore Her Indefinitely

Doja Cat put on a show at the Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night that viewers will not forget anytime soon. The 24-year-old artist paid tribute to Broadway, Renee Zellweger (Chicago), and Liza Minnelli (Cabaret) with her elegant showing.

Doja performed her songs — “Juicy,” “Say So,” and Like That” — with an aplomb that has not been seen in the music industry in a while.

The socially-distanced event delivered some great moments, and her own was right up there on the list. Interestingly, it seems that she was having a lot of fun.

Many modern artists try to incorporate classical and timeless elements in their presentations but rarely do they succeed to that degree.

Doja needed this performance after facing some backlash in recent months over old social media postings. The entertainer needs her music and art to speak louder than her past antics, no matter how disconcerting they may be.

It was a big win for her in that sense because some of her most vocal critics forgot what she did, even for a few minutes. Art is a powerful medium, and Doja is an almost-perfect vessel.

One commenter still on the fence writes, “She really out here trying to act like she’s not canceled lol I ain’t going to lie I commend her determination. Still canceled. Up for review in 6 months.”

Another music fan is a bit more skeptical and says, “Am I the only one that never got back into her after the whole incident🤔. I can’t her music don’t even sound good to me, no mo😔.”

A generous observer thinks it is time to move on and adds, “What did she do for us to cancel her again?? Doja snaps. Idc, IDC. As a member of the black community, I move to stop canceling our black celebrities so quickly over minor character flaws that could be corrected!”

A neutral voice believes that harsh critics are missing out on something amazing and shares, “Y’all didn’t forget, but sis far from canceled sis is becoming a star right in front of your eye 😩.”

This Instagrammer claims that the networking channels are not real life and Doja is doing fine. The person states, “The hate never translates in real life. Don’t let these comments fool you all!”

Doja is on her way to big and better things, and it might be time for some of her critics to choose, give her a chance to redeem herself, or miss out on one of the most versatile talents in years.