Donnie Wahlberg Leaves A Massive $2020 Tip For A Waitress – Again

Donnie Wahlberg Leaves A Massive $2020 Tip For A Waitress – Again

Page Six has learned that Donnie Wahlberg has surprised one lucky waitress with a big tip. The 51-year-old Hollywood star left a $2,020 gift on a $35.27 bill for Denise Andrews, who is a waitress at Marshland Restaurant in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The Instagram account of the restaurant posted a picture of the tip and thanked him for being so kind, adding that Wahlberg had said, “who’s up next?” after they had asked him about it. According to Page Six, the fat tip was a part of the new social media challenge, “#2020tipchallenge,” started by Jenny McCarthy, Donnie’s wife.

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During a conversation with People Magazine, the owner of the restaurant, Marty Finch, said that Andrews had split up the tip with all of her co-workers. Finch claimed Denise handed out the money to many of her fellow waitstaff as well as the people in the kitchen.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Wahlberg left a big tip. In January, it was reported that Mr. Wahlberg left a $2,020 tip at an International House of Pancakes in Illinois.

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Even Donnie’s wife, Jenny McCarthy, addressed Donnie’s kind gesture, writing on her social media that she couldn’t be more proud of her man for being so generous during a tough time. As most know, the restaurant has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

McCarthy then challenged all of her social media users to be kind and generous. Regarding the tip he left in Illinois’ IHOP, Donnie wrote to Bethany, his server, “Happy New Year,” along with the words: “2020 tip challenge.”

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According to People Magazine, Donnie has done a similar thing many times over the last few years, including in 2017, when he left a $2,000 tip at a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. Wahlberg said on his account that his parents had waited tables and served drinks for years.

Put simply, Mr. Wahlberg has a lot of sympathy for people who work in the service industry. Donnie Wahlberg is the brother of Mark Wahlberg.