Elizabeth II refused to transfer power to Prince Charles ahead of schedule

Elizabeth II refused to transfer power to Prince Charles ahead of schedule

Just a day after meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the British Queen was already hosting Australian politician, Governor of New South Wales Margaret Joan Beasley, in her palace.

Elizabeth II had a personal conversation at Windsor Castle last Wednesday with her. The official meeting was attended by a photographer who took a few pictures.

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They depict the Queen of Great Britain in a yellow dress with floral patterns, complemented by elegant earrings and a three-row pearl necklace.

Fans of the royal family were happy to notice that in the photographs, you can see that Elizabeth II does without a cane, with which she has been seen quite often lately.

In fact, she rarely appeared in public without it, as she experienced severe problems with movement. By the way, before that, she was published with a cane only in 2003, when she needed it to recover from knee surgery.

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A couple of months ago, she even joked in an interview with reporters about her health: “As you can see, now I can’t even move! “.

In a recent conversation with representatives of the tabloid people, Royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey said that Elizabeth II had no other serious health problems.

However, he also expressed doubt that it is now worth raising the conversation about the transfer of power to Prince Charles, saying that “the issue of a change of ruler” in the UK is not at the moment.

And yet, in recent months, the Queen has significantly limited her activity as the dominant representative of power.

Despite the fact that she appeared at several events dedicated to the celebration of the Platinum Anniversary, she still had to miss most of the official ceremonies.

In an interview, Kate Middleton commented that “the Queen is fine; it’s just that the celebration was very exhausting. ” In addition, it is worth mentioning that Elizabeth II missed the royal races at Ascot this year for the first time in the history of her reign.