Elon Musk’s Father, 76, Has Confirmed That He And His Stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout Are Parents To A Second Child

Shivon Zilis, a Neuralink employee, gave birth to Elon Musk ‘s two additional offspring, who are his hidden children. This information recently came to light.

The billionaire highlighted that he views parenting children as one of the essential duties in his life when he formally verified this news.

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Furthermore, the businessman emphasized that because his older inheritors had already attended college, he could now devote a lot of time to the younger ones.

And according to reports in the media, Elon inherited his father Errol Musk’s desire to create a distinguished progeny. He is currently 76 years old.

Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, filed for divorce, and he later married widowed Heide Bezuidenhout, who was the mother of two kids at the time.

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He assisted in Jana Bezuidenhout’s upbringing, beginning when she was four years old. In 2017, after becoming pregnant with him, Jana Bezuidenhout gave birth to a son; by that point, he had already split Jana’s mother.

As a result of several heated disagreements, Elon nearly severed his relationship with his father. The millionaire described his father as “a nasty person” in an interview.

So just picture his horror when he learns that his stepdaughter gave birth to his father’s second kid. The infant arrived in 2019. Her parents also decided not to discuss her until today.

Errol, however, confirmed the news that he had a second child and that his stepdaughter had given birth to twins in a new interview with The Sun.

In an interview with reporters, he stated, “Reproduction is the only reason we are here on Earth. Errol emphasized that he had already ended his relationship with Jana Bezuidenhout. He claimed that the age difference was the cause of the distance.

Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, welcomed a boy named Nevada with his then-wife Justine Wilson in 2002.

Tragically, the baby boy passed away from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) only ten weeks later.