Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Has Spoken About Her Surreal Childhood On New Podcast Episode

Eminem is probably one of the biggest rappers of all time. He’s known for bringing about a change in the normal rap style and making rap better in all ways. Fans of Eminem all around the world support their idol and believe that he can achieve things no one else can.

Eminem is also famous for singing about his daughter Hailie Jade . Through Eminem, fans know and love Hailie since she was a child. However, recently, Hailie has set out to do her own thing as she starts her podcast “Just a little shady”.

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In a recent episode of her podcast, she co-hosted with her childhood best friend Brittany Ednie. In the first episode, they spoke of how they had first met. Brittany mentioned that the two had been best friends because they were both very serious as children however they loved snack time.

The two spoke about other aspects of their childhoods. Hailie spoke about how strange she had found it that tour buses were not a part of every child’s life. Back when she was a child, she had thought that all of this was normal. However, as an adult, she thought that it was so cool that she had gotten to experience everything like that.

Hailie also spoke about a trip the two of them had taken to Disney as children. The two had an amazing time with their princess dresses and tea party. She spoke about how at the time they had been excited but also mentioned that as children, they didn’t really understand what they were doing and how cool it was back then.

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Middle school had been very drama free for the two and they had still stayed friends through everything. Brittney recalled herself as being a social butterfly but Hailie still took school very seriously. The whole podcast was filled with other little things that the two had done throughout their childhood and multiple childhood stories that they could recall.

Fans of Hailie were incredibly happy to watch her be so humble and appreciative of the childhood she had been given. They were glad that Eminem gave her a wonderful childhood and their respect for the rapper significantly increased.