Eva Marcille Tells Fans That The Countdown Has Begun

Eva Marcille Tells Fans That The Countdown Has Begun

Eva Marcille told her fans that the countdown has begun. She is talking about voting, and she also shared a photo in order to make her point.

‘The Countdown has begun! We can change the narrative! Time to #voiceyourvote Go to www.blackfolkmustvote.org blackfolkmustvote #foxsoul #voteforfamily #bidenharris2020 #voteforchange #voteforlove #voteforlife,’ Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Y’all saying black folk must vote.. like y’all know who all black folk is voting for🤷🏽‍♀️. Some black people are actually voting for Trump����🏽‍♀️,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘This should be a push EVERY YEAR, not just every four. Y’all want to make a difference vote locally as well as nationally.’

Another follower wrote: ‘Beautiful couple!!! Blessings to the family!!❤️’ and someone else said: ‘Power couple Vibes!! Thanks for using your platforms!!’

Earlier, she shared another photo on her social media account:

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A fan told Eva: ‘You are very pretty your daughter looks just like you! Your clone❤️👏🤗’ and someone else posted this: ‘I got shades like that fashion fashion fashion Eva Marcille.’

A follower wrote this message: ‘Of all, I know about life, I know I have never seen a white, I have never seen a black, neither have I seen a yellow, red, brown or blue. For all I have ever seen is human..Human is all that I know.❤..May you take your humble time and think of it as it pleases my little self to remind, we have next to none like HAPPINESS. It is colorless; it is humanity while beautifully a choice.’

In other recent news, Eva Marcille shared some new pics featuring her daughter Marley Rae in which she looks gorgeous.

But some fans have something to say about the way in which Eva does Marley’s hair.

Eva is living her best life with Mike Sterling and their kids, and they could not be happier.