Eva Marcillle Shows Fans How She’s Waiting For The US Election Results

Eva Marcillle Shows Fans How She’s Waiting For The US Election Results

Eva Marcille shared some photos on her social media account in which she is showing fans how she was waiting for the election results.

Eva said: ‘Now that I got my locks together, ima need some lock jewellery’ and another follower posted this: ‘Giiirrll I’m pregnant and have to hear these results sober. I’m so emotionally drained after today!’


Someone else posted this message: ‘I need one of those. My nerves tow all the way up!’ and another commenter said: ‘Ugh! My anxiety is to the roof! My heart is in my belly! Take a shot for me!’

Someone posted this: ‘@evamarcille have one for me I can’t drink because I’m pregnant, but I’ll have one in January 😂😂’ and a commenter said: ‘I’m drinking and going about my evening. I’m not about to watch election crap at all.’

Antorhe follower said this: ‘I had to get me some Jack Daniels……. I’ll take a shot for you, and I want you to take a shot for me🐉’, and someone else posted: ‘I got my sweet red. One glass down. Pouring up another.’

One fan posted: ‘Got my Jamey with me ma…anxiously waiting but the #whiskey helps 🤣’ and another follower said: ‘Georgia African American men not showing up at the polls. This country has these men messed up with so much mistrust.’

In other recent news, Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account that all votes will have to see eventually. Check out her latest post below.

‘If the line is too long, the weather too cold or rainy, or folks are trying to intimidate you at the polls – please don’t forget this. Please vote. Iwillvote.com. #vote #dontboovote 🔁 @miketsterling,’ Eva captioned her post.