Fans Could Not Be Prouder Of Blue Ivy After Landing Hair Love Gig Due To This Reason

Fans Could Not Be Prouder Of Blue Ivy After Landing Hair Love Gig Due To This Reason

Although other people’s children shouldn’t be a topic at all, when you’re in the public eye — people will have their opinions about your child. This leads to many celebrities doing their very best to keep their little ones out of the spotlight in order to maintain privacy and be free of criticism.

Blue Ivy Carter has beautiful coily hair. She’s shown off her amazing locs many times and has landed a job narrating the Hair Love audiobook by Matthew A. Cherry.

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The Oscar-winning short-film-turned-book, about a father styling his daughter’s curly hair, is making fans of Blue Ivy proud for more than one reason.

In addition to Blue accomplishing so much at such a young age, the moment comes full circle.

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This is due to the fact that years ago — many people (including public figures) made fun of the little one’s hair.

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Fans took to Twitter to celebrate and slam critics from years ago.

‘Blue Ivy at such a young age, faced so many attacks and comments about her hair from adults who should have known better. Even television stations like BET joined in publicly on the mockery. To have her narrate a story on “Hair Love” is just so fitting and perfect,’ tweeted one user.

‘It isn’t lost on me that grown folks talked about Blue Ivy’s hair to no end years ago. Matthew Cherry selecting her to voice the “Hair Love” audiobook is just….Thank you,’ reflected another.

This person wrote: ‘Blue Ivy, after deal with people saying so many hateful things about her hair at such a young age only to turn around and narrate a book called hair love is something Beautiful. Truly a full circle moment.’

The four-minute audiobook has already received raving reviews online for Blue Ivy’s enthusiastic reading. Congratulations to Blue and Matthew Cherry.